Chocodelice Belgian Finest Chocolates


Product Features

  • Assortment of fine Belgian chocolates
  • 12 types / 30 pcs
  • Best for holiday gift
  • Size: Width 23.4cm、Depth 15cm、Height 18.7cm

Assortment of fine Belgian chocolates. In the bottom box you can find a fine selection of exquisite cupcakes flavours please make your choice out one of these : salted caramel, raspberry ganache, fudge cream pr strawberry fondant. For the lover of cheesecakes we also add a fine assortment. Or if you prefer dessert chocolate please take a look and taste on of the following : mousse au chocolat, tiramisu, cookie dough or creme brûlée. Taste and decide for yourself the moments of pleasure that the chocolate will bring to you and your loved ones.

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