Dove Moisture Shampoo Refill 2.2 kg


Product Features

  • Moisture is the key to various hair problems.
  • Moisturize even dry hair to the tips.
  • Moisture milk EX (moisture ingredient) combination.
  • 2way care, moisturizes both inside and outside of hair.
  • The whole family can be gently washed with Dove foam.
  • Fragrance of elegant flowers and fresh fruits.
  • About 6.2 pieces for normal refill size (350g). It is an economical large size.
  • Made in Japan.

Product Details
If you have trouble with dry hair, we recommend the Moisture Care series.

With the 2-way care of Dove, the formula containing Moisture Milk EX (moisturizing ingredient) blends into one hair and penetrates to the inside, delivering moisture.

Even dry, dull hair will be smooth and enthusiastic.

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