Kirkland Signature Irish Whiskey 1750 ml


Persons below 20 years of age are legally prohibited from purchasing and consuming alcoholic beverages. We are required to verify the age of the purchaser prior to sale of alcoholic beverages.


  • Ireland
  • Aged 4 years
  • 40% alcohol

Irish whiskey must be distilled and aged in Ireland. It must contain some malted cereal, usually barley. Also, producers must follow strict guidelines in terms of the types of stills used and grain combinations to make various styles: single malt, pot still, grain and blended.The last one is a blend of two or more other styles, and is Ireland’s most popular.

Taste: Creamy milk chocolate and parma violets with gentle citrus fruit flavours coming to the fore underpinned by subtle flavours of freshly baked malted biscuits.

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