Instant Pot Vortex Pro Air Fryer Oven ISP1006



Product Features

  • Air fryer oven with 9 roles per unit
  • With the world’s first rotisserie (rotation) function
  • Compact yet large capacity
  • With 100 kinds of Japanese and Western recipe books

Product Details
From Instant Brands, the world’s first “air fryer oven with 9 roles per unit” with rotisserie function (rotary cooking) is newly released!

Air fry, rotisserie, roast, broil, toast, bake, dry cooking, fermentation, and reheating can be easily operated with the touch panel.


◆ Revolutionary mesh tray design

Since excess fat is also removed from the ingredients, it is healthy, crispy and crispy, and has an easy professional taste at home!

It’s light and compact, so it’s easy to clean at home.


◆ The secret of deliciousness

The heat of the heater is circulated in the refrigerator by a fan, and the ingredients are evenly cooked to bake.

In addition, the gap between the two trays arranged one above the other is about 4 cm.

Therefore, even in a short time, there is little uneven baking and a beautiful finish!


◆ Compact yet large capacity

It is about 30% smaller than a conventional oven, is compact and does not take up space.

By using two mesh trays, it is possible to cook for up to 6 people at the same time.


◆ Rotisserie (rotating) cooking

Rotisserie cooking is possible when cooking “roast” and “air fried”.

The roasted chunks of meat that decorate the table on special day are also amazingly delicious!


◆ 100 kinds of Japanese and Western recipe books included

100 recipes that you can use every day without getting tired of easy, short time, and hospitality!

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